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Hospital machinery

Use of magnets in today’s industries


A magnet is a material that produces an invisible magnetic field. This magnetic field is the key to making the daily operations of an industry to be successful. Below are some of the industries that depend on magnets to successfully cause metal separation between product both luxurious and daily use products

Health and Medicine

When it comes to the medicine industry, magnets mostly come handy in sport related activities. A good example of magnet uses in the medicine industry is the Magnetic mattress. These mattresses have magnetic pads that make sleeping on these mattresses to be more relaxing. The magnetic field produced by the magnets will calm your body nerves making your body to go into the relaxation mode.

Construction and shipping industries

These industries need strong magnets to lift, hold stock and drop the heavy loads. The magnets are so strong in this industry that they are known to carry weights double or triple the weight A normal truck can carry making it easier for constructors and shipping workers to conduct their daily operations without struggle.

In food industries

Magnets in food industries are used to pick out any metal substances that might have accidentally mixed with the food. The use of magnets in the food industry will save an employee time and money that he/she will use to hire workers to do the same job the magnets do.


Magnets are said to be responsible for producing electricity in electronic equipment like generators and electric motors. Before electricity is produced, it has to go through several processes. The magnets in a generator will generally convert mechanical energy into ready electricity that will work with any home electronic you have.


Maglev trains depend on magnets to levitate. The magnets are both placed in the rails and underside the train. When the two magnets come in contact, the magnets in the rail and those placed under the train will repel making it possible for the train to levitate through the act of metal separation.


The Purposes of Shot Blasting

Cleaning the surface

Shot blasting imageShot blasting is quite essential to clean the surface of metals. It is also used for retexturing and surface coating of metals for the purpose of decorations to enhance the overall appearance. Meaning it comes in handy for almost every industry that makes use of metal including – rail, aerospace, shipbuilding, construction, automotive and many others.

Importance Of Shot Blasting In Metal Based Industries –

Over the years, this procedure has emerged as one of the most effective, as well as cheap. However, there’s more to shot blasting as a surface preparation technique –

• Shot blasting eliminates the use of harsh and non-eco-friendly chemicals.

• Shot blasting results in significantly higher rates of production, better pattern accuracy and wider selection.

• After the output is completely free from chemical deposits and dust. Moreover. It doesn’t remove the virgin metal when scales are being removed.

• It helps detect fault if any. Shot blasting also serves as a bond between shot blasted surface and the protective cost.

• The durability and longevity also increases as the metal surface is shot blast cleaned and free of scales.

Using any abrasives such as an aluminium oxide abrasive blasting is one of the important techniques. It is mostly used for its strength and hardness for materials such as sandpaper, flooring, metal finishing and more. The procedure involves forcibly propelling streams of Aluminium oxide to roughen a smooth surface.